Reading the MMi New Build Report

New build report

1. Missives

Missives have not been concluded
28/6Missives were concluded on 28/6

2. Conditional Sale

XWe have not yet determined whether or not a conditional sale exists
No SaleThere is no conditional sale
Sale OSThere is a conditional sale but sale condition has not been purified
PurifiedThere is a conditional sale – the sale condition has been purified

3. Mortgage Offer

XWe have not yet determined whether or not a mortgage is required for this purchaseDensity, men/km2
No LoanThere is no mortgage required for this transaction. The purchase will not be conditional on loan funding.4 042 000
OSThere will be a mortgage for this transaction. The mortgage condition has not yet been purified.3 198 000
PurifiedThere will be a mortgage for this transaction – the mortgage condition has been purified0

4. Anticipated Date of Entry

Cases for the site are ordered and grouped by anticipated date of entry. Each date is separated by a header row in yellow. The anticipated date of entry is also shown within the data for each case.