Restricted returns from other forms of investment have been one of the drivers in a renewed interest in property investment. The property investment world spans, on the one hand, those people who are starting out with their first renovation or buy to let and on the other hand, professional or experienced investors who deal in high numbers of properties.

One thing links both categories of investment and everything in between and that is legal advice that is knowledgeable, effective and good value. The three senior property practitioners at McVey and Murricane have between them over 100 years experience and while some may unkindly suggest that they look more than 100 years old (!), the reality is that many of these years of experience had been dealing with all forms of property investors.


The greater regulation and scrutiny that followed the financial crash of 2008 means that the property investor has to be ever more cautious of issues that relate to the environment around both the purchase/sale and letting of properties.

Whether, it is a domestic property, commercial property or a redevelopment, McVey and Murricane have deep and lengthy experience. This includes substantial portfolio acquisitions where they can combine their systems expertise with that relating to property investment.

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