What’s happening with the training trio?

Pictured left to right: Amy Sullivan, Tay Montgomerie and Hajira Nisa

Pictured left to right: Amy Sullivan, Tay Montgomerie and Hajira Nisa

McVey and Murricane, like many other businesses, recognise that the future is about developing and promoting great quality individuals within the business. One of the routes to achieve greater achievement and higher job satisfaction is the “induction school” for colleagues of all types joining the firm. 

This is particularly helpful for those people who are training with the firm to become either solicitors or paralegals. Learning how the business works and the demands of clients and others contacting the firm provides an insight into legal life and the high-pressure it brings. 

Amy, Tay and Hajira commenced their formal legal traineeship early in 2018 after several months within the induction school where they worked with other colleagues. As the end of their first year as a Trainee approaches, our terrific trio can reflect upon a hard but rewarding 2018. Amy is working within the McVey and Murricane New Build Department while Tay and Hajira are dealing with complex remortgages in the Specialised Lending Department. Relatively soon it will be time to move onto their next position within the firm on course to be coming solicitors in early 2020. The next intake are already earning their spurs within the induction school ready to start their training in 2019. 

McVey and Murricane take particular pride in assisting many individuals who may not have formal education in achieving paralegal qualifications; it is vital that a career in the law is not restricted to those who have followed a traditional higher education route or to people who may have not had the opportunity at school stage to achieve their full capabilities. Look out for other stories highlighting the dynamic achievements of those graduating from the McVey and Murricane paralegal school. 


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