McVey & Murricane scoop SME 2019 Awards

Recognising the firm’s impact in the property and lending spheres, McVey & Murricane (MM) have been awarded the prestigious SME News “Best Conveyancing Practice in Scotland 2019”. At the same time MM received an Excellence Award in relation to its burgeoning Wills and Estate Planning department. 

While these awards are greatly prized by MM, everybody in the firm is very much aware that the only award that really matters is satisfaction on the part of clients. In recent times MM have received nearly 700 reviews from clients following transactions with an average score of 4.8/5. 

The number of reviews is by some margin the largest of any Scottish legal firm representing both the size of MM’s conveyancing/lending practice and clients’ satisfaction levels. The property environment at the moment is difficult with demand restrained by the political uncertainty and concern over the future direction of the economy. Other issues that dominate currently are ever increasing regulation and a confused approach to taxation of property transactions. 

The impact of this environment has been to change much of the nature of the Scottish property market. The liquidity and fluidity of the market has been restricted which means that when people are involved with conveyancing transactions, especially for the first time or after a long gap, they are often surprised by the number of hurdles that can be encountered. The unmatched experience of MM together with fantastic colleagues and class leading technology mean that these hurdles are explained and overcome. The use of technology means that for the overwhelming majority of clients, their transaction can be dealt with from the comfort of their own living room with no need, unless they want, to see the conveyancer. 

While MM are delighted that plaudits have come their way, the managers within the firm will not be standing on their laurels. New ideas and new “legal products” are being introduced all the time to assist purchasers and sellers in conveyancing transactions and, increasingly, lenders of all sizes in safe, speedy and efficient lending.