Caroline is flowering in Conveyancing

Caroline Egan

Caroline Egan has been with McVey and Murricane for a number of years and she has been a great "utility player" working in Remortgage, New Build and more recently conveyancing. Before that Caroline worked in litigation so she is familiar with many aspects of legal practice. Caroline is a paralegal and over the next year she is studying to be admitted at the highest level of paralegal recognised by the Law Society of Scotland. 

This will be only fitting because Caroline is already a fine and dedicated conveyancer dealing with a substantial workload. Her clients are very satisfied with her as can be seen by this late Friday picture of Caroline receiving a bouquet from very happy clients after she battled the odds to secure their move that day.

Fridays are tough days in a conveyancing office and that is even more the case at the end of the month. It is probably rarely recognised how physically demanding are these volume settlement days as well as how mentally exhausting. The modern world with short transactions and instant communications demands a toughness from conveyancers that would not be necessarily required in the past.

It is proof yet again that conveyancing is a specialist skill. With dedicated practitioners such as Caroline and the deep resources of McVey and Murricane, clients can be happy that they will have as positive an experience as modern conveyancing allows.