McVey and Murricane release revolutionary new Wills website

There was much discussion at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland of the impact of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. This is the snazzy name for the next stage of intelligent computing which will impact on services by the use of artificial intelligence.

McVey and Murricane believe that many legal services can benefit from direct interaction with the client which results in a much greater accessibility to legal services and as a very considerable side benefit of reducing the cost of services.

Accessibility and cost are important because in an ever more complex world legal advice and services are really important. Traditional delivery methods and administration result, for some, in inconvenience and cost that result in an avoidance of a necessary legal service. Obviously, there are occasions where the legal requirement demands traditional delivery especially where urgency or complexity is involved.

But many important legal services can be delivered primarily through the internet but, in the view of McVey and Murricane, still demand the review by an expert to ensure that the circumstances of the client are properly catered for.

Over the last three years McVey and Murricane through their in-house technology group, MMiSystems, have been working towards this goal and their first stand-alone application has just been launched. Combining information collection and delivery through the Internet with expert review enables to deliver a great service at a really competitive cost.

Have a look now at the website which will be the first of a number of dedicated applications to providing legal services for the private and business clients.

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