Everybody within financial services is aware that a Will is just as essential (in fact, even more essential) than life insurance. Yet, the "take-up rate" for Wills especially for those people under 60 is derisory.

There are many reasons but principal among these is the failure for the average person to see a Will as an insurance against the unexpected rather than some morbid view of the future. McVey and Murricane understand that part of the "due diligence" when dealing with the insurance requirements of a client is to establish whether they have a Will though it is appreciated that this rarely involves the client actually doing anything.

Now, you can do something about it both looking after your client and showing that you are dealing with your regulatory requirements.

McVey and Murricane have recently introduced a radical new concept to enable people to make a Will inexpensively from the comfort of their own living room but at the same time benefiting from expert legal review. Have a look at our sister website YourWill.Scot which is proving to be extremely popular among the broker and intermediary community.

If you would be interested in the "broker version" where the Will is instructed by you allowing you to provide your client with a single charge for the overall advice rather than splitting that between your advice and their payment of our standard Will charge then please just let us know.

If you believe that your client would not be comfortable with the modern Internet based YourWill.Scot then McVey and Murricane offer a more traditional method of instructing a Will and, if you wish this service for a client, just let us know.