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Remortgage Services for Intermediaries

McVey and Murricane currently act for in excess of a dozen lenders often dealing with "rapid remortgages". 

In addition, especially where there are additional stand-alone services required such as transfers of title, it is often the case that it is more effective for the customer to utilise the MMiRemortgage service. STOP PRESS: have a look at our important note on the impact of the closure of one of the registers on remortgages.

What sets the MMiRemortgage apart from other legal providers. Most importantly MMiRemortgage have a passion to deliver great remortgage service as you would expect from the pedigree , provenance and experience of the people involved:

In 2016, the delivery of remortgage services demands a much greater breadth of skills and resources than in previous times. McVey and Murricane have leading-edge technology developed in-house combined with the ability of the client or customer to deal with much of the remortgage transaction from the comfort of their own living room on their smart phone, tablet or computer. But remortgage now demands more than passion and technology but a very keen eye on the ever greater bureaucratic requirements of both lenders and regulators. In addition to a stand-alone Remortgage Department. With a separate ID and Source of Funds department, MMiRemortgage will ensure that matters are dealt with in the fashion to protect you and your customer.

Why a "fees free" remortgage is not always the best deal for your client

Your client or customer is obtaining a remortgage from a lender who has a "fees free" process. However your client or customer is using the funds from the remortgage for a purchase of another property.

In these circumstances it would be far better for McVey and Murricane to handle both the purchase and the remortgage avoiding the Fees free" offer and utilising any cashback from the lender against the fee cost.

Why is this? The extent of the saving that your client is going to make by utilising the "fees free" process is likely to be far outweighed by the additional stress in trying to dovetail the "fees free" process with the requirements of the purchase. McVey and murricane come across this time and time again and, in these circumstances, the broker/intermediary is best placing both matters with McVey and Murricane who will dovetail as far as possible the requirements of both elements using their experience in this area.

If you are able to refer business to MMiRemortgage, we are always happy to discuss reciprocal arrangements that will assist your marketing. To find out more contact: 

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Allan Radlow
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Allan Radlow
Senior Partner

A solicitor of 38 years' experience of which 36 have been spent at McVey and Murricane as solicitor, partner and for over 20 years Senior Partner. Highly experienced in all types of remortgage work and regarded as the doyen of conveyancing solicitors.


Jonathan Edwards
Executive Principal

A solicitor for 36 years, experienced in property and lending work and renowned for new document creation and systemised approach to lending property work; Managing partner of Golds Solicitors from 1991 to 2007 when the firm was merged with Irwin Mitchell. Golds was a leader in property and lending work being the second largest firm in Scotland by fee earners before the merger.


John Clyde
Principal and Head of Conveyancing

A solicitor for 37 years highly experienced in property and lending work; Partner in Golds Solicitors and thereafter with Irwin Mitchell as Partner in Charge of Remortgage.


Catherine Morrow
Senior Solicitor and Residential Conveyancing Head