Property Investor Services

Property Investor Services

Residential Property investment is an essential part of the modern residential property market. With some 15% of transactions relating to "buy to let" and probably a greater proportion of remortgaging, this is a part of the market which cannot be ignored.

But it is a section of the market that is covered with pitfalls and bear traps. More than that, it is subject to ever increasing regulation and the sharp scrutiny of lenders.

If you have clients who are either commencing their "buy to let" career or have established portfolios, you can be assured that McVey and Murricane have much to offer and can materially improve the experiences of clients as well as deliver better outcomes.

This is because as stated elsewhere this is a specialist area and requires specialist advice.

Moreover, no other legal firm in Scotland has a greater insight into this market than McVey and Murricane. "Knowledge is power" and you can provide your client with that power by contacting McVey and Murricane at the earliest possible moment in the proposed acquisition phase.

If your client already has a portfolio and is keen to purchase, sell or refinance then an initial chat with McVey and Murricane is always free of cost but generally full of value.

Business case example (based on a true story!)

You have a client who has a clutch of buy to let properties and has approached you to assist the client in refinancing to lock in low interest rates.

Often you will have the option of placing the buy to let properties with different "fees free" providers and you find that the eight properties which your client owns ends up with half a dozen solicitors all of whom are making enquiries of your client on matters of regulation, lease documentation and the like.

Your client is pulling his or her hair out and vents his or her aggravation on you. You end up having to carry out a project management exercise with no return. Far better in the circumstances that your client takes advantage of any "contribution" to legal costs and that your client instructs McVey and Murricane to deal with matters. This allows the whole exercise to be properly project managed (a McVey and Murricane strength with its advanced systems), the necessary regulatory and legal requirements properly dealt with to the lender's requirements but in a way that does not end up at your desk in a mess.

Never has the phrase "prevention being better than the cure" so apposite.