Assisting clients with conveyancing is "meat and drink" to many brokers and intermediaries. But, as you will see from the many articles on this website, what should be a straightforward process of buying and selling properties has been hijacked by regulation, legislation, political aims and a risk averse environment.

Why we have reached this position is capable of a great deal of argument and a lot of finger pointing. However, as the saying goes "we are where we are" and when assisting your clients in relation to the sale or purchase of property, you need expertise and experience.

With lenders reducing the sizes of their panels and making ever greater requirements, the fact that McVey and Murricane have an unrivalled breadth of panel instruction means that even other solicitors are passing conveyancing work to McVey and Murricane.

Coupled with unrivalled systems and the ability of your clients to deal with their transaction from the comfort of their own living room, McVey and Murricane is a natural choice. This is evidenced by the fact that according to recent Land Register of Scotland statistics McVey and Murricane has the highest volume of conveyancing for any non-estate agent firm of solicitors in Scotland.

Our conveyancing teams are divided to ensure that work instructed by you will be consistently progressed. A look at our MMiExplains pages shows the depth of material and assistance available to your clients. Of course, such material supports rather than replaces the service that they receive.

As with other areas, it is vital to contact McVey and Murricane at the outset. To ensure that clients receive the necessary handholding at the vital initial stages McVey and Murricane have a specialised "New Business" team who will guide your client through the negotiation and initial stages.

After that your client is passed to one of the conveyancing teams who will deal with their requirements from that point.

An important aspect of modern conveyancing is adherence to regulation. This is as much a protection for you as for McVey and Murricane to ensure that your reputation is maintained. McVey and Murricane have a specialist department who deal with all aspects of ID and Source of Funds to meet the obligations set both by regulators and lenders.

More and more these days some of the trickiest aspects of transactions can be ensuring that these regulations are dealt with satisfactorily and the strength in depth of McVey and Murricane ensure protection for everybody.

Some will mourn the passing of the old world where an individual person could adequately deal with all aspects of the transaction but as with other areas of the "modern world" the genie of regulation and standards is now the predominant force within conveyancing and governs all of our lives.

No matter where the conveyancing is in Scotland, McVey and Murricane can handle this. With 70% of our conveyancing emanating from outside of our Glasgow base the knowledge of the different markets within Scotland is very considerable.