ADS Expert System

Understanding ADS

As of 1 April 2016 the Scottish Government introduced a new additional stamp duty called ADS.

Although this was widely seen as a "buy to let/additional home" 3% tax, the way in which it was introduced by the Scottish Government meant that in reality there are numerous possibilities where the tax will apply in circumstances in which purchases of property may instinctively feel that it does not apply to them.

As can be seen from the information provided in the expert system developed by McVey and Murricane, this is a complex tax. The expert system enables a prospective purchaser or their intermediary to establish whether the tax definitely applies, definitely does not apply or where the tax may apply depending upon a deeper analysis of the personal circumstances of the purchaser.

You can read our full report on ADS by looking at our MMiExplains Material.

This expert system is provided free of charge. However, if the output of the form suggests that circumstances exist where there is a possibility that the tax may apply, if you wish to our personal Expert Review expert analysis carried out at this stage then a fee is charged. This is entirely optional and details are shown within the form. You do not become liable for any fee without expressly confirming your intentions.