Intermediary and Broker Toolkit

Intermediary and Broker Toolkit

Brokers and intermediaries are an essential part of the fabric of our society providing vital financial and mortgage advice to the public.

McVey and Murricane have long been closely involved with the broker and intermediary community through carrying out remortgage transactions for lenders and interacting with the community in relation to conveyancing and other products.

As one of the largest non-estate agency conveyancing practice in Scotland (according to recent figures), McVey and Murricane have been investing in new support services for brokers and intermediaries which are set out in greater detail shortly.

Recognising your value

McVey and Murricane recognise that where work is passed to us through the good offices of a broker or intermediary that we are being entrusted work where you have already been instrumental in dealing with important communications with the client and providing data to assist dealing with the matter. McVey and Murricane in return are delighted to:

  • contribute to your marketing costs to reasonably recognise your input to transactions passed to McVey and Murricane
  • where you are able to provide a volume of transactions, enable electronic updates to be delivered to you to assist in your communications with your clients (with their consent)
  • keep you updated on legal and other developments that impact upon your area of work
  • enable you to instruct transactions, on behalf of your clients, with McVey and Murricane through several different methods ranging from the telephone to mobile enabled electronic instruction
  • promise you that we will look after your referred clients with consideration and skill remembering always that we are an extension of your own service to your clients

If you are interested in utilising any of these services then please contact:

Senior Partner
Allan Radlow
0780 9506 426

All of our services have been developed to make your life easier and if you have any ideas for further services which you believe would assist you and other brokers/intermediaries then just let us know.