How do McVey and Murricane use the MMiAuthority?

How do McVey and Murricane use the MMiAuthority?

Documents to be signed under the authority to sign and their purpose:

• Applies to remortgage

• Applies to sale

• Applies to purchase

• Applies to remortgage transfer of title

Standard Security

This is the agreement entered into between you and your lender where you grant security over your property in return for the loan (mortgage) that they have offered you. This is a very important document. In the event that you cannot keep up the payments on your mortgage this is document that the lender will use to raise Court Proceedings against you. Once this document is signed by us on your behalf you shall be bound by the terms of the mortgage. The lender will have provided you with material along with the offer of loan which includes the detailed conditions of the loan. In addition the standard security prohibits you from changing the use of the property, letting the property and making major alterations to the property as well as positive obligations to maintain the property and have sufficient insurance in place.

Matrimonial Homes Declaration

This only applies where the property is in the name of one person. A matrimonial home is a property in which your spouse has rights to reside in. A matrimonial homes declaration is the document that is signed to confirm that you do not have such a spouse who has resided or currently resides in the property and who has not formally renounced their rights to the property.

Insurance Confirmation

This confirms to your lender that you are aware of the condition in your mortgage that you are required to insure the property for the term of your loan.

Search Declaration

As part of the process we carry out searches over the property. The searches detail the current owners and also if there are any issues that would prevent a transaction from going through, such as debt matters (inhibitions, trust deed, sequestration). It is quite common for names to appear within the search that are the same as the owner, but is not them. We therefore require to confirm with you that this is not the case and we can then sign a declaration on your behalf confirming that this is not you.


This document transfers property between the seller and the purchaser. In a transfer of title relating to a remortgage the transfer is by the person who currently is on the title to the persons who are on the new mortgage offer from the new lender. Following signature and completion of the relevant transaction the disposition is sent for registration to the Land Register to be registered.

Deed of Variation

This document amends the mortgage where a property is being transferred subject to an existing mortgage. It is then sent for registration to the Land Register to be registered.