Key Arrangements

Arranging a set of keys to be available sounds simple but there are many, many issues that can intervene to make life difficult.

Remember that removal arrangements can only be made with certainty once there is a contract (missives) in place.

Matters to look out for when you are purchasing:

When you have a contract the only thing guaranteed will be that you will receive the keys on a certain date not at a certain time. McVey and Murricane will always endeavour to fix a time but there are many things happening on a date of entry and we are reliant upon other solicitors and the seller. Generally speaking the keys will be available at the solicitors or estate agency office which dealt with the sale or some other local address.

Please try to make your arrangements as flexible as possible. If the person who is selling a house to you is also moving on that same date, then it is generally the case that the keys will not be available until the afternoon.