Arranging your removal

Arranging your removal

Elsewhere the issue of the importance of the contract or missives is explained at length.

It follows that there is no absolute certainty as to the contract details until the contract or missives are concluded. A very important element of those contract details is the date of entry.

This means that if you are using a removal company you cannot, with certainty, make arrangements with the removal company until there is a completed contract. This does not stop you making those arrangements but these are entirely at your own risk.

The same rule applies to any other arrangements that you make for tradesmen or utilities where a cancellation fee may arise.

It goes without saying that McVey and Murricane will do all that they can to achieve a completed contract as quickly as possible but, as you will have seen, there are many issues outside of your or our control that can create delays. As the contractual process nears its conclusion you can perhaps take a slightly more relaxed view but making any arrangements before the contract or missives are concluded is at your own risk entirely.