Move over TOWIE, it’s time for TOWIB!
September 7, 2016
Barking up the wrong tree? Part One of the problems with trees that you need to know
September 22, 2016

    Move over TOWIE, it’s time for TOWIB!


Welcome to the first edition of our new monthly news later aimed directly at First Mortgage advisers giving you all the most up to date goings on in the world of Scottish Conveyancing.

  • Move over TOWIE, it's time for TOWIB!
  • Purchasing a second home?
  • Registrations Dues

Move over TOWIE, it's time for TOWIB!

brexit jigsaw

The only way might have been Essex, but now it seems that the only way is Brexit!

You will have seen the media reports on how Britains vote to leave the European Union has left it's mark on the Property Market. McVey & Murricane review what has gone and where it leaves the Scottish Property Market in a three part series written by the best legal minds in the conveyancing world. To read this review click here

As an official Legal partner of First Mortgage we are more than your average legal firm. We offer a wide range of services to allow you to be the portal to a "One Stop Legal Shop". Each month we give you the "inside track" on conveyancing in Scotland.

Purchasing a Second Home


If you have a client who is seeking to purchase a second home or an investment property they may be due to pay an Additional Dwelling Supplement (ADS) on the completion of the transactions.

In April 2016 the Scottish Government introduced a new piece of legislation that changed everything. For a plain English explanation of this please click here

Registration Dues

When buying a house, a lot of people don't factor in the cost of registering their new home in the Land Register. More often than not, people can be quite surprised with the charges that are incurred to register their new home.

The Land Register of Scotland registers property based on the price paid for it.

Here is a link to a handy online guide that you may find useful;

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