With over 50 years’ experience and 21st century technology McVey and Murricane provide legal services in the internet age for the Scottish property market. We are consistently one of the largest conveyancing practices in Scotland which offer services shaped effectively to suit the times in which we live.

Our specialist team of qualified experts have extensive experience to ensure clients are highly satisfied. Our dedicated team of conveyancers within the Residential Investment Department is one of the largest in Scotland and headed by Allan Radlow. To suit this digital age in which we live, we have developed numerous innovations to enable property and conveyancing services to be delivered empathetically and effectively despite the endemic issues with the current Scottish conveyancing process.

As leaders in creating a modern internet based environment, 99.5% of our clients never visit our office and more than 70% of our work derives from outside of our Glasgow home area. This is due to our belief that electronic delivery systems are key to efficiency and convenience as we make it possible for clients to conduct transactions from the comfort of their own living room.

Business people require advice, contracts and agreements. MMiBusiness from McVey and Murricane talks the same language as business people.
The commercial property market is wide and varied. McVey and Murricane act for many business people, entrepreneurs and investors in the commercial property arena.
As consistently one of the largest conveyancing practices in Scotland, McVey and Murricane have been able to develop our conveyancing practice to shape our services.
Restricted returns from other forms of investment have been one of the drivers in a renewed interest in property investment.
Lending is at the heart of the DNA of McVey and Murricane and there can be few legal organisations with as much experience in this area as McVey and Murricane.
Own a house? Got a life insurance policy? You need a Will and perhaps more. Wills are not just for older people. They are for you.
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